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​Join as a member of the Galactic Council, for an intimate relationship with us in our news show from ​space.

​​New Knowledge

​​Receive new information and knowledge directly from the spiritual realm about different topics. From history, the galaxy to very practical things to why we are here. How did we get here, how can we evolve to the new earth ​and ​shift ​into a more loving and compassionate world. Creating a bright future for ourselves and for our brothers and sisters.

​Every Full and New Moon

​​Every Live Streaming​ event is held ​every full moon and new moon. At these times the energies are ​stronger, and it is easier to feel the profound effects of the spirits that are speaking through Annagreta. So two times a month you are able to tune yourself, with the help of the show, to the sweet new energies of the new earth.

​Receive Energy Transmissions

​If you are sensitive, you will probably feel the energy transmissions from these lovely beings. They have a tendency to uplift and heal cellular structure when you watch the show and tune into the energy. So turn off all cellphones and other disruptive things to make sure you get full benefit of this broadcast. They are made for love by love !

​The Hosts

​The Medium that never thought she would be a medium. Now spirit is actively upgrading her body mind complex so that spirit can come through her more strong than ever before. Annagreta is the most charming and funny medium you have ever met. 

​Ken has been working with computers and marketing almost all his life, and have been going through some major spiritual lessons to come into his passion for spirituality​. Now he is sharing and helping to spread new information to ​curious minds and hearts.


​​Maybe not so known to us. But Arcon is the galactic federation starship leader of the star fleet. They are high vibrational ET waiting just outside our solar system for our invitation to help. You will hear much from him on the show.


​Jesus, also referred to as Jesus of Nazareth and Jesus Christ, was a first-century Jewish preacher and religious leader. He is ​a revolutionary ever since that time. He is still giving his teachings now more than ever.


​The Sun is the star at the centre of the Solar System. ​It is by far the most important source of energy for life on Earth. But you ​might not know the sun has a consciousness, and its speaking to us, on our show.


Fun and vivid spirit who enjoys talking to people and was the first spirit talking through Annagreta. Lived in the time of the Greek Gods mixing animals with men, like ​the ​Centaurus. ​​Assisting with​ ​​upgrading human DNA




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