6 Day Retreat in Spain

Summer Of Awakening

Connect with divine spirits, get upgrades and rejuvenate near the old pilgrims city
Santiago de Compostela.

Hi, I’m Annagreta

​Retreat Date & Time:

15th June​ 18:00 CET - 21st June 12:00 CET

Note about the ​Retreat:

​Receive channelings from high spirits and open yourself up for receiving messages from the Divine.

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About the Retreat

Jesus invites you into a high vibrational energy field to grow into the 5th dimension! Begin your day on the foot of the ocean with loving care for your body, Yoga and Kundalini Yogi-techniques. Receive channelings from loving spirits and open yourself up for receiving messages from the Divine. Do lighthearted trips with us through the gorgeous nature and beautiful places – and end every day in sparkling joy and laughter!

What people say

Annegreta feels very authentic

I enjoy Annagreta's channeling very much! It feels authentic. I especially loved the little youtubes she put out before the Galactic Council News show. They were more impromptu and I loved the information (like Shopping with Jesus and Channeling my Fat!). All the very best to you Annagret! Sincerely, Jean Breen


Resistance just melted away

A dear friend gifted me a session with Annagreta. It has been very helpful. Annagreta' way is loving, skillful and her integrity is felt all the way. If any resistance they just then melt away . Thank you. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. Your team with Kenandzen also is delicious.

Danielle Tonossi

Made me cry

It was quite beautiful, and made me cry for the love and compassion Jesus expressed in the reading. I felt very much understood, accepted and deeply loved. It was very healing. I highly recommend Annegret’s channeling services to anyone in need of emotional comfort and healing.

Jan Morrison

Food and environment

We have a wonderful house on the ocean, not far from Santiago de Compostela, where the Templers rode. It is on the boarder to Portugal, a beautiful place where you can dive into the sea as well as into the spiritual vibe of the area. See and enjoy the sunset from the Veranda. Be served organic vegan and vegetarian food, grown near by, to nurture your body, mind and soul.

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Sleeping Arrangements

The Spanish house with walls that tell you the story of centuries, also presents modern standards of comfort for your wellbeing . It allows generous and cosy gatherings inside and outside, while the fresh breeze of the sea is encompassing the whole environment. We have the whole house to ourselves, well known for its perfect cleanliness and beautiful surroundings.

Private share with a friend room: Spanish double bed size: 1,35m wide 1,90m length.

on this ​RETREAT

About the team


The Medium that never thought she would be a medium. Now spirit is actively upgrading her body mind complex so that spirit can come through her more strong than ever before. Annagreta is the most charming and funny medium you will have ever met.


Ken is inspiring people everywhere he goes. He is very good at facilitating group work and healing sessions. Also getting clear guidance and directions from his guides and teachers. He is also assisting with organising and filming the event.


​Jen is a very gifted medium and energy intuit. She will host ​our lovely ceremonies during the retreat. She ​spreads love wherever she goes and ​greatly enjoys to help ​people connect to ​ their wonderful wisdom and power within.


Camilla is our beloved yoga teacher. With many years of yoga training and spiritual knowledge. She knows how to move the body every morning to make it relaxed and rejuvenated. Her classes are always fun, inspiring and nurturing for the body. 


Fun and vivid spirit who enjoys talking to people and was the first spirit talking through Annagreta. Balal lived in the time of the Greek Gods mixing animals with men, like the Centauris. Assisting with upgrading human DNA.


​Jesus, also referred to as Jesus of Nazareth and Jesus Christ, was a first-century Jewish preacher and religious leader. He is ​a revolutionary ever since that time. He is still giving his teachings now more than ever.


Merlin is an ancient soul with many incarnations - best known as magician in the best meaning of that word. He will teach you using your personal magic wand!

​Blue Avian

​The Blue Avians are an extraterrestrial species who exist beyond the confines of space and time. They are aiding in the spiritual development of humankind, shifting the consciousness of our species for the good of all.

And many more surprise spiritual guests... 

Places on the ​retreat is limited! 

Reserve your place now and join us for a very personal, nurturing and spectacular time in Spain. This is a retreat you will never forget.


We have a few options for you. You can choose the option that is best for you.


*Includes workshop and food




  • ​Live Channeling & Workshop
  • Morning Yogic Practice
  • Organic vegetarian food during the stay
  • ​Accommodation at location

*​Includes only workshop





  • ​Live Channeling & Workshop
  • ​Morning Yogic ​Practice
  • Organic vegetarian food during the stay
  • ​​​Accommodation at location

* Early Bird Price until 15th May 2020 - Use Coupon code: earlybird at checkout.

Please contact us if there is a need to pay in smaller amounts monthly, we will do what we can to help.

*All prices does not include flight. You have to book and organize all transportation to and from the retreat location, more information below.

How to get there

Important information

  • Check in - Make sure you arrive after 6pm on the 15th June 2020. (We only have accommodation from this time)
  • Check out - latest at 12pm noon on the 21st of June 2020.
  • There are two different accommodations: Shared private rooms where you will be sharing the room with another guest/friend. The other is shared dorm rooms where you will be sharing with multiple people.



Monday 15

Tuesday 16

Wednesday 17

Thursday 18

Friday 19

Saturday 20

Sunday 21


Snacks & Coffee (if needed)

Snacks & Coffee (if needed)

Special travel schedule this day

Snacks & Coffee (if needed)

Snacks & Coffee (if needed)

Snacks & Coffee (if needed)


Kundalini Yoga (1h)

Kundalini Yoga (1h)

Kundalini Yoga (1h)

Kundalini Yoga (1h)

Kundalini Yoga (1h)








Channeling from spirits and guides 

Channeling from spirits and guides 

Channeling from spirits and guides 

Channeling from spirits and guides 








Lunch(1h) Time for yourself

Lunch(1h) Time for yourself

Lunch(1h) Time for yourself

Lunch(1h) Time for yourself


Channeling nature spirits in nature

Contacting Blue Avians

Channeling body expression

Manifestation Workshop


Spiritual Growth in nature

Contacting Blue Avians

Dance your spirit

Using the magical wand of Merlin


Earliest Check-in






Channeling ​Spirit ​Welcome

​Times are subjected to change, this is a ruff schedule.